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The open buffet is a fairly recent appearance, which has become widely present in our daily lives, and perhaps some do not know the mechanism of the open buffet, or they may have heard of it without knowing its meaning. In this article, we will explain what it is and what are its rules to better enjoy it.

Restaurants and hotels have started preparing this system for their guests, and there are specific dates for setting up the buffet and closing it. Many people go to restaurants and hotels that offer the open buffet system for several reasons, including the fact that it has a variety of foods, drinks and sweets. The open buffet is suitable for all occasions, especially special events with a large number of guests, such as parties, conferences, or seminars.


?What is the open buffet


The open buffet is simply a large and long table, on which food is placed in an orderly and coordinated manner, along with sweets and fruits, where guests can fill their dishes, usually opting for small quantities from several items to taste several types of foods.


Some special instructions to follow in the open buffet


It is not allowed to eat before the buffet opens, and when it does, guests calmly go to the table to fill their plates, and in case of crowding, they stand in a coordinated line.

Walking next to the buffet quietly and refraining from scrambling or skipping others, and moving forward according to the line and not in the opposite direction.

You can quickly view the food served and decide what you want to eat, then take a plate and fill it with the desired items.

It is acceptable to refill your plate, however it is best to avoid overfilling to avoid waste.

Avoid carrying more than one plate each time you come from the buffet.

When you’re done with your plate, leave it and the cutlery on the table for the waiter to replace them, take a new plate from the plate display and fill it up.

It should be taken into account not to stand for a long time at each type of food, either to examine it, taste it, or to open side conversations, as this hinders the movement of the guests.

It is obligated  to take food with the pouring utensils designated for it and to prevent tasting food from it.



In the holy month of Ramadan, guests and eating out increase in restaurants and hotels, including the open buffet.

Some people prefer oriental foods, while others prefer western foods

And when there is a restaurant that offers an open buffet with delicious oriental and western foods, in addition to sweets, it is the destination for anyone who wants have iftar with their family or colleagues in a beautiful atmosphere full of positivity

The best Ramadan Iftar buffet restaurant in Riyadh

When asked about the best restaurant in Riyadh that serves the most delicious oriental and western foods and sweets, the name of the Al-Nubala will be heard, for it combines the heritage and culture of oriental cuisineand the modernity of Western cuisine in distinctive meals and sweets, and conveys the Levantine atmosphere in parties, holidays and events, where the restaurant provides many services, the most important of which are:
Indoor open buffet
Open buffet
Reservation of VIP halls for holidays and events
Reservation of tables and private rooms
Regarding the holy month of Ramadan, Al-Nubala Restaurant offers an open Ramadan buffet for Iftar and Suhoor buffet