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Beautiful days and happy memories remain engraved in our hearts and minds, and by beautiful days we mean those special days in each person’s life with important events like graduation parties, weddings, birthdays, and other happy occasions.


How lovely is it to have these occasions arranged, organized and managed to appear in the most beautiful way, exactly like we imagined, and leave a beautiful effect on us so that later on, merely remembering it could make us happy.

On the other hand, organizing parties, especially weddings, is not an easy task, as it is full of many details that must be taken into account and looked at to get the best result, things like  colors, decor, sound system, lighting, flowers, invitation cards, food menu and much more.

The task of a party planning company is to prepare a comprehensive and carefully studied plan for everything related to this day, from invitation cards, preparing the menu, decoration, colors, lighting, etc.

As for the place where the party or event will be held, we know that there are summer parties and winter parties depending on the season and weather conditions on the day of the party, and we will now look at the difference between them


?What is the difference between summer parties and winter parties


As is well known, summer parties are usually held in outdoor areas, while winter parties are in closed places. In the summer, people prefer that parties or events be held in open places with large areas, and a beautiful views, such as green trees and the presence of water in a waterfall, an artificial river or swimming pool, so that it is more lively, but these places are not suitable in winter due to the presence of potential risks such as: rain or strong winds and extreme cold.

In the winter, parties and events usually take place in closed halls with a heating system, and they are more elegant than open spaces in winter.

There is no doubt that each type of party (summer or winter) has its own atmosphere and charectiristics in terms of decoration, flowers, lighting, and other.


The role of food in parties and events

As we known, most of the occasions include an open buffet in which the most delicious types of oriental and western foods are served, in addition to drinks, sweets and fruits.

There’s nothing  better than for a company to carry out all these tasks professionally while offering an open buffet containing the most delicious types of foods made by the most skilled chefs.

The best place to hold parties or events in Riyadh

If you want to make your event a great and unforgettable day, Al-Nubala Restaurant is your best choice because it is an integrated restaurant that provides you with all the services you desire.

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, the professional catering team at Al-Nubala Restaurant is happy to prepare the finest types of oriental and western foods, in addition to drinks and desserts, as Al-Nubala Restaurant combines the heritage and culture of oriental cuisine and the modernity of Western cuisine in distinctive meals and desserts, and conveys the Levantine atmosphere. At parties, holidays and events.

Al-Nubala Restaurant offers you a VIP hall to hold your events and weddings, in addition to the special customized services just for you.

In addition, there is a luxurious indoor hall designed to create happy occasions that make unforgettable memories at graduation parties, birthdays, weddings and even business meetings.


The services provided by the restaurant

Al-Nubala Restaurant offers many services, the most important of which are:

Indoor open buffet

Open buffet

Reservation of VIP halls for holidays and events

Reservation of tables and private rooms

Regarding the holy month of Ramadan, Al-Nubala Restaurant offers an open Ramadan buffet for Iftar and Suhoor buffet