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The open buffet is a regular event in our lives, and therefore we must be aware of the etiquette  of it in order not to face embarrassing situations or mistakes that may draw us unwanted attention.


The open buffet system is one of the modern ways of serving food, so that it can be adopted on many occasions, and it is characterized by a large variety of food and a small number of workers present to serve, and when you go to eat in an open buffet, there are some etiquette that must be followed and practiced. In this article, we will look at some of them


Open buffet etiquette

Do not be persistent about going and asking constantly about it, for open buffets have predetermined dates and working hours

In the case of a crowd, stick to your line and keep personal space. This will help with avoiding a mess. It is also acceptable to tell nicely tell someone not abiding by these norms to kindly step in line and not bother others, this is common since there are customers who are not familiar with the buffet etiquette because its their first time and need guidance.

Do not stand too long infront of one of the items, so that this delay does not affect the rest of the people behind you.

Feel free to get up more than once, but take what you desire. This is surely much better than carrying more than one plate at a time or overfilling your plate with food because of your shyness to get up.

Take what is enough for you, neither more nor less, but rather the amount that you feel will satiate you to avoid waste.

Don't speak loudly and make high noises, and it's best not to talk to anyone while you're going to put the food on your plate.

Use the appropriate tools for the food, you should use the appropriate tools for each dish, for example, the soup has its own spoon that is different from the spoon in which you eat the rest of the food.

Ramadan Iftar and Suhoor

The blessed month of Ramadan is characterized by the presence of two periods of food, namely breakfast and suhoor, and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recommended us to eat suhoor because there is a blessing in suhoor, and suhoor helps us with fasting the next day.


In the month of Ramadan, invitations and eating out are more common, whether in restaurants or hotels, including the open buffet. Some people prefer oriental foods and others prefer Western foods.


A restaurant that is known to offer an open buffet with delicious oriental and western foods, in addition to sweets, it becomes the destination for anyone who wants to eat his Suhoor with his family or colleagues in a beautiful atmosphere full of  joy and blessing.


The best Ramadan Suhoor open buffet restaurant in Riyadh


When asked about the best restaurant in Riyadh to eat Suhoor and serve the most delicious oriental and western foods and sweets, the name of the Al-Nubala restaurant is often mentioned, where it combines the heritage and culture of oriental cuisine and the modernity of Western cuisine in distinctive meals and sweets, and conveys the Levantine atmosphere in parties, holidays and events, where the restaurant offers many services The most important of which:


Outdoor Parties Outdoor Buffet

Special buffet with free VIP lounge

Reservation of tables and private rooms


Regarding the holy month of Ramadan, Al Nubala Restaurant offers an open Ramadan buffet for Iftar and a Suhoor buffet.