Nobles Restaurant

The open buffet is greatly demanded by customers, for it provides its visitors with a choice of the best meals and items that suit their taste, and through it they can choose everything that is delicious with the option to refill to their plates with the desired amount with complete freedom for each person, starting from main dishes and desserts to soups, appetizers, salads, drinks, fruits and more. With a variety of items, so that each person can try more than one type of food and try new items with ease, and making sharing easier than ever.

This beautiful diversity is not limited to the types of meals and foods served only, but also extends to the atmosphere surrounding the open buffet in terms of views, decor, furniture and lighting, in addition to the service of listening to nice and comfortable music while eating, to give a beautiful character that brightens the mood

Many restaurants provide special meals for children of appropriate sizes, shapes and beautiful decorations that encourage them to eat.


Best outdoor open buffet in Riyadh

There are many occasions and invitations for food in outdoor places, especially in the summer, when many people want to hold their events and parties in the open air, away from halls and closed places.

On their special occasions, most people prefer to offer an open buffet, through an agreement with a restaurant that provides this service. One of the reasons for choosing an open buffet is that it is diverse and contains many types of foods and drinks, thus satisfying everyone’s taste. One of the most prominent reasons for choosing the open buffet on occasions is that the owners of the occasion are not preoccupied with the details of the food, its preparation and presention, so that they remain fully prepared to receive the guests and welcome them and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, and assign this task to the specialized restaurant that performs it in the best way.

Upon deciding to go with an open buffet for your guests, Nobles restaurant is your first choice for the best services and most delicious foods.

Al-Nubala Restaurant is a known restaurant with great experience in open buffets due to the many years it has worked in the field and the satisfaction of its customers

Al-Nubala Restaurant combines the nobility of oriental cuisine with the modernity of Western cuisine in its distinctive meals and desserts, and conveys the Levantine atmosphere in parties, holidays and events.

In addition to the fact that the restaurant contains the most skilled chefs who prepare the most delicious oriental and western foods, it also offers delicious desserts, soups, salads, drinks and fruits with skilled hands and high taste, and an integrated work team ready to meet all conditions, in addition to the distinctive support services it provides.

The best place to hold parties or events in Riyadh

If you want to make your event a great and unforgettable day, Al-Nubala Restaurant is your best choice because it is an integrated restaurant that provides you with all the services you desire.

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, the professional catering team at Al-Nubala Restaurant is happy to prepare the finest oriental and western foo.

Al-Nubala Restaurant offers you a VIP hall to hold your events and weddings, in addition to the distinguished support services it provides

In addition, there is a luxurious indoor hall designed to create happy occasions that create unforgettable memories at graduation parties, birthdays, weddings and even business meetings.

The services provided by the restaurant

Al-Nubala Restaurant offers many services, the most important of which are:

Indoor open buffet

Open buffet

Reservation of VIP halls for holidays and events

Reservation of tables and private rooms

Regarding the holy month of Ramadan, Al-Nubala Restaurant offers an open Ramadan buffet for Iftar and Suhoor buffet